1. What does Ideation do?
We are a design company with a very strong focus on human-centric design. We believe in bringing sophistication of spaces through simplicity. Our work encompasses Architectural, Interior, Lighting, Furniture and Landscape design and also the ancillary services that are required along with these.
2. How do you work on the design?
We work on complete customisation for our client. We listen and understand our client to bring in what is best for them. During design phase, we consider multiple factors that could affect the behaviour and well-being and suggest the best possible design for the particular project.
3. What about your fee?
Our design charges varies depending on the nature of work and the category. Please contact us to know further on the design fee and the payment structure.
4. Is there any charges to start on the design?
Yes. We charge a nominal fee that can be adjusted later. Please contact us to know further on this.
5. Do you also do execution of projects (Turn-key services)?
Yes, we believe that along with quality in design, quality of workmanship is also very important to bring in the desired sophistication. We work with tested quality vendors to bring in quality of workmanship to our projects.
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