When we were approached to do the interiors for 2 apartments separated by a single wall, we saw a very different possibility, an opportunity to create a space that felt and acted like a single home. The couple, having purchased the adjoining apartment, wanted  to accommodate their 5 member family with additional rooms for occasional visits from their parents.
The space was designed to bring in their local traditional flavour and at the same time make it contemporary and relevant to the present times. The design is simple yet effective and emotionally connecting with the client. No unnecessary wall treatment, no unnecessary ceiling treatment. The flooring is custom designed encaustic cement flooring in the living and dining room with white matt finish tiles all around. The walls kept minimum and white with few accents of wood.
What followed was very intense period - walls came down, rooms got repositioned, flooring and lighting changed; the result was a very satisfying and rewarding experience, making this a very special project in our hearts.

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